Program for Assertive Community Treatment

1245 N. 29th St.
Billings Montana 59103
Phone: (406) 839-2605
Fax: (406) 839-3695
Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a day 7 days a week.
Ages Served:
Persons age 18 and older
Payment for Services:
Medicaid and the Veteran's Administration (with prior authorization) both fund PACT services for adults who meet criteria for persistent and chronic disabling mental illness.
Description of Services Provided:
The PACT team is a community based treatment team that provides services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Our PACT team here at the mental health center consists of a psychiatrist, nurse, therapist, addictions counselor, case managers, rehab aide and a peer support specialist. The treatment team works together for maximum effectiveness by having daily treatment team meetings. The PACT team's mission is "a hospital without walls". The philosophy of this comprehensive and intensive program is to increase client satisfaction with care, improve client quality of life and reduce the length of hospital stays. The PACT team provides daily medication management to ensure our clients are taking medications as prescribed to prevent hospitalization. We also hope to increase housing stability and reduce drinking and substance use behavior in clients with co-occurring diagnoses. The PACT team provides a variety of groups and activities throughout the week to assist in overall wellness. Clients can choose to participate in CD groups, support groups, wellness groups, shopping groups, bowling groups, nutrition groups and movie groups. We also have a vocational component through which clients have access to a counselor and work toward employment and/or continuing education.


If I come on the PACT team do I get to manage my own money or does the Mental Health Center have to be my payee?

A. It is not mandatory but it is recommended that the Center become your representative payee. For clarification, it is not the PACT Team who becomes your payee. It is the Mental Health Center who is named as representative payee.

How do I get someone on the PACT?

A. A referral to PACT is submitted by a mental health professional. Once it is determined that the potential client meets eligibly criteria, the individual will be considered for PACT services.