Case Management

2125 8th Avenue N.
Billings Montana 59102
Phone: (406) 839-2400
Fax: (406) 839-2435
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Ages Served:
Persons age 18 and older
Children and adolescents are served on a case-by-case basis
Payment for Services:
Medicaid and the Veteran's Administration (with prior authorization) both fund case management services for adults.
Description of Services Provided:
Targeted Case Management focuses on providing in-community assistance to adults with serious disabling mental illnesses. Because the emphasis of TCM is on the success of the individual in their community, case managers meet clients in a variety of settings.

Targeted Case Managers provide advocacy to clients to insure that their rights aren't violated because of their mental illness. Additionally, case managers provide on-going monitoring in the community, referral/follow-up with community resources and assistance with obtaining entitlements such as Social Security Benefits or Food Stamps.

Targeted Case Management is available to qualifying adults who need assistance to live successfully in their community. Common activities are working with clients to access community resources such as food stamps, housing, rental assistance, entitlement programs such Social Security benefits and medical/medication coverage. Although TCM focuses on meeting the individuals community living needs, it is vitally important that the client be actively involved in the process of case management, taking responsibility for his/her own life to the best of their ability. and are expected to make at least 50% of their client contacts outside Mental Health Center facilities. Case managers often tell their clients that their job is to work themselves out of a job, simply meaning the client is able to be in the process of recovery and able to meet their daily needs on their own.

Ultimately, the focus of case management is empowerment of the client by providing needed support for symptom stabilization, development of adequate independent living skills, giving the client help in times of need, preventing worsening of conditions and the decreasing the likelihood of hospitalization. Remembering that Targeted Case Management clients are adults who have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, case managers work toward the clients' independence and recovery.